DIY Tutorial of iPhone 7 Headphone Adapter’s Keychain

First, you need to prepare these three things: An old, cheap pair of headphones you don’t mind ruining. One pack of Sugru in your color of choice. A keyring. Aesthetically, Sugru may not be the best material. But it’s definitely one of the easiest to work with. You can find it quite easily online in […]

HBO Talk Show Host Bill Maher Said Apple Should Try Not to Release a New Phone If it Really Think Different

HBO talk show host Bill Maher talk about his thought about Apple. He is neither amazed nor amused. He’s appalled. On Friday’s “Real Time With Bill Maher,” he took time to eviscerate not only Apple but those who stand in what he called “the nerd line.” If Apple really does think different, Maher said, it […]

Whether Google Would be Better off Spending Its Time and Money on AI?

  There’s so much more. iPhone 7 owners are reporting that their phones are producing a peculiar hissing sound, even as Apple is said to be in talks to buy McLaren — though the British supercar maker denies any investment talks. Elsewhere the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has a bold plan to cure all diseases, and […]

Introduce Apple, Samsung, and Sony Smartphone’s Feature of Water-Resistant

If we have a waterproof phone, then it’s super convenient for us. As a Samsung Galaxy S7 owner, I can tell you: it’s awesome. I don’t take my phone swimming or anything like that — I simply use it without fear. When it’s pouring rain outside and I haven’t quite finished that email, I don’t […]