Apple celebrated Pride with rainbow Watch straps

The company distributed rainbow-patterned wristbands for the Apple Watch to employees who joined the celebrations, according to Reddit user Sakusuhon. Posting a picture of the band, Sakusuhon said they were “distributed as gifts for registration” and that he didn’t know whether they would be made available to the public. Apple joined with revellers across the […]

Facebook’s Slideshow feature took on Apple Memories

Now when you’ve taken more than five photos or videos over 24 hours, the social network will give you a preview of a Slideshow, complete with music and transitions, Facebook said Monday in an emailed statement. You can select themes, too, including Nostalgic, Birthday, Bollywood and Amped. Facebook loves it when you share photos and […]

The subtle changes you will see on the iPhone 7

Expected to launch in September, this year’s iPhone will feature a longer ear speaker, according to a blog post Thursday by Japanese site Makotakara. Further, the ambient light sensor, which automatically adjusts the screen’s brightness based on the surrounding light, will swap positions from the left to the right side of the phone. Buy an […]

Chinese company suing Apple to ban iPhone 6 ‘barely exists’

Known as Shenzhen Baili Marketing Services, the company filed a lawsuit against Apple in 2014, claiming that the iPhone 6 and 6S looked too much like its 100C phone. Baili wanted a ban placed on iPhone 6 sales in Beijing, something the capital city’s intellectual property regulator was prepared to do. But Apple filed an […]