Next iPhone May Have the Skill of protecting itself from Being Stolen

Have you being stolen your iPhone? That potential idea was considered in a new patent application Apple filed Thursday with the US Patent & Trademark Office. According to the application, which AppleInsider wrote about, a future iPhone may — when triggered by the right circumstances — start documenting an alleged thief’s fingerprints through the Touch […]

Spotify Penalizes Some Artists Who Provide Music to Apple Music

Let’s read the news. Spotify has been penalizing some artists who provide music exclusively to its main competitor, Apple Music, according to a Bloomberg report. Citing unnamed people familiar with the practices, the report said Spotify search results bury tunes by artists who give their material to Apple Music first. The company also warned acts […]

New emoji 4.0, Including Airline Pilot and Rainbow Flag

If you are a iPhone user, you must know emoji. Emjoi 4.0 may finally offer an answer. It’s the latest update for these popular little drawings, which is being planned for release after a review later this year, and it promises to include new professions, flags and functionality to help us all communicate in that […]

Apple Sold Ultrarare Computer at Auction For $815,000

Let’s read the news. Created at a time when most personal computers were sold as self-assembly kits, the Apple-1 broke new ground as the first personal computer sold with a fully assembled motherboard. Known as the “Celebration” Apple-1, the computer is one of about 175 Apple-1s sold in 1976 for $666.66 (equivalent to around $2,770 […]