Apple Double the Maximum Amount of Date Users on iCloud Drive

Apple now offering customers 2 terabytes of its online storage service. Apple’s new storage capacity will run customers $19.99 per month, twice the $9.99 monthly cost of its previous 1TB storage max. Consumers still have the option of getting 5GBs of storage for free. The company also offers a 50GB plan for 99 cents per […]

News : Before $3.2B sale to Apple, Beats Beats Lawsuit Claiming Fraud

Let’s read the news. The summary judgment issued late Monday by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge William Fahey resolves the key charges that claimed Beats co-founders Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine duped former partner Noel Lee, founder of video and audio cable maker Monster. The lawsuit, which was filed in January 2015, had been scheduled […]

Moeny-grabbing Company Became The symbol of American Tech Excess

What’s the symbol of American tech excess? This isn’t Apple’s place. Apple is the tasteful, creative, attractive one. There’s nothing mean about Apple. That’s why Cupertino might have looked at the $14.5 billion fine imposed upon it by the EU and winced a little. But the real issue isn’t with money — that can always be […]

Microsoft Flexes A little Brutality toward Apple Recently

Microsoft has flexed brutality toward Apple. After so many years of being mocked by Cupertino, you can imagine that Redmond’s been girding itself for retaliation. Now, it’s decided to use Surface Pro 4 ads for the purpose. First, there was a thorough mocking of Apple’s suggestion that its iPad Pro is now a computer. Now […]