12 Super-Useful iMessage Texting Tips for iPhone and iPad

  • joko
  • May 29, 2015
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The Messages app is probably one of the most frequently used apps on your iOS device. It’s the most common place to send text and multimedia messages, and it’s also packed with advanced features for managing conversations. Many of these features are tied into Apple’s iMessage system, so they won’t work with SMS-only contacts. An iMessage is a type of message that can be sent only between Apple devices, whether they be iPhones, iPads, iPod touches, or Macs — as long as they’re online.

Messages saves you resorting to a social network such as Facebook to arrange meeting up with a number of people. That’s because iMessage allows everyone who has an Apple device to take part in a group conversation so that the details can be agreed upon together. When plans are less definite, you can share your location — either at that point in time, or with live updates for a few hours if you’re likely to roam elsewhere.

The Messages app also gives you control over how intrusive any conversation can get, regardless of whether it takes place by iMessage or SMS, by suppressing notifications about one while allowing another to still grab your attention. 

Also welcome is the fact that Messages — and the Phone and FaceTime apps, too — can block unwanted contact, whether it’s from people you know or cold calls from salespeople. Being able to stop the latter is especially welcome these days! Check the gallery below for more handy tips that will let you take advantage of all of the features of Messages and iMessage.

How to Use Advanced iMessage Features
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