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IPhone 8 release date could be CLOSER than we thought, if this rumour is true

March 3, 2017

IPhone 8 release date can be announced earlier than expected recently from Apple. The new report says the company has prepared a new start-up retail partner. The opening may take place in the next few weeks as rumors continue to whirlpool at the March press conference, although Apple chose to remain silent. The chain of […]

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The iPhone 8 might only $1,000 this year

March 2, 2017

The starting price of the iPhone 8 is likely to reach even more than $ 1,000, a variety of reports said. The new design and features of the phone will force Apple to spend more money on certain components and manufacturing, including OLED displays, where the cost increase may be passed on to the buyer. […]

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New iPhone 8’s Secret To Success Will Not Be Innovation

March 1, 2017

This year’s iPhone will mark a decade of smartphones from Apple, when automatically named for the iPhone 8 September start, is expected to feature and technology in the new iOS product line. But you may be wrong with credit innovation. Apple is rarely the first to adopt a new technology. On the contrary, it perfected […]

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iPhone 8 Leaks Reveal Two Massive Cancellations

February 28, 2017

2017 iPhone is Apple + 0.23% of the big 8 redesign. Change is radical (and expensive), but as always, Apple is unlikely to be able to please everyone. Cancellation #1: Curved OLED Displays This one will hurt those who had their heart set on Apple catching up to Samsung’s popular ‘Edge’ smartphone designs. According to […]

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Apple iPhone 8 may have no home button, but it could come with THIS key feature

February 25, 2017

The Apple iPhone 8 is molded to be the largest of a 2017 launch. It is reported that Apple is working under the flagship device, which will be released later this year on the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone in 2007. Rumors and reports show new features and features for the iPhone 8 has […]

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