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12 iPhone 6 Tricks You Should Know

January 4, 2017

The launch of the iPhone 6 makes Apple a rival to Samsung in technology with another, the former holds a big advantage into the Christmas market. Not only did iPhone’s joint sales iPhone 6 and more than 21 million units launch for the first time after 4 weeks, but independent research conducted by consumer brands […]

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The Basic Mac Hacks To Make Your Life Super Easy

December 13, 2016

1. Share or Tweet Any Text Immediately Are you doing important things, do you realize you need the mail boss? Or do you have some important share of the type, but do you feel too lazy to open your inbox or Twitter? Then try this method. Right-click the highlighted text to share via e-mail, so […]

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What kind of Apps is to make you less injured hangover

November 19, 2016

These applications may not be able to solve your hangover, but they may be less hurt. Both reduce the sin after heavy drinking, order your junk food repair without pressure, or only with good old-fashioned distraction, there must be something for you. 1. Hangover Meter-£0.79 We all have that one friend whose hangover always seems […]

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remove the iCloud lock

How to permanent unlock up on iOS devices?

November 16, 2016

If you have the iOS device that you may be associated with up to a lot of problems. IPhone recently introduced security feature means that if the device has been locked by a user before, so the new owner will need the original up password can enter lock. The security feature is very useful in […]

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chat with Google support from your Pixel phone

How to chat with Google support from your Pixel phone

October 31, 2016

Unlike apple, if you run into problems when using Pixel mobile phones, Google has not you can visit retail stores. You can directly through the equipment with Google chat support representative, rather than through online BBS or Google search support page. To access the built-in support tool, open the Settings app and tap on the […]

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