iPad Air 2 Review: Camera

 iPad Air 2 Review: Camera

People use their tablets to take pictures. And while to many this may seem like some form of heresy akin to bathing full-dressed, Apple has clearly spotted the trend and responded accordingly, upping both the iSight and FaceTime camera specs aboard the iPad Air 2. It’s now an 8MP setup on the rear, which, on paper, sounds remarkably similar to the iPhone 6’s new imaging unit. But paper lies and there two are actually pretty different in practice, with the iPhone 6’s being vastly superior in nearly all areas.

Still, the 8MP shooter aboard the iPad Air 2 is a HUGE update on last year’s model’s 5MP camera. Images are now a lot more detailed with better colour reproduction and contrast. The iPad Air 2 also features previously iPhone-only features like Slo-Motion video and Burst Mode. The UX is exactly the same as before, but the added screen real estate does make editing and touching up images a lot easier than it is on the iPhone, so maybe there is method in Apple’s madness?

The iSight camera on the front remains the same as before, although Apple has done some back-end tinkering and has managed to improved low-light performance substantially –– switch it on in a dark room and you’ll see what I mean. My only question here is: why couldn’t Apple have done this first time around?

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