ipad air 2

Rumored 12.9-Inch iPad Pro Cases Compared To iPad Air 2

May 2, 2015

The much rumored 12.9-inch larger iPad or the iPad Pro is compared to the current iPad Air 2 in a new video with the help of cases. Yes, companies have already started manufacturing iPad Pro cases based on renderings and rumors. A new video was uploaded by Unbox Therapy on YouTube that compares alleged iPad Pro […]

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Custom in-car entertainment center includes iPads and Apple TV

April 13, 2015

On road trips, usually the radio will suffice for entertainment across long stretches of time. But with so much advanced technology at our fingertips these days, that feels almost archaic. And thanks to a forum member of MacRumors, Wesley, or MrMacMini, that point gets driven home (no pun intended) quite well. Wesley is a car […]

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Microsoft unveils the $499 Surface 3 running Windows 8.1

April 6, 2015

Microsoft today announced the $499 Surface 3 running Windows 8.1 to take on the iPad in the tablet market. Unlike the previous generation Surface tablets, this is the first tablet from Microsoft to run a full blown version of Windows.  This means that users will be able to use all their desktop applications on the […]

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