Totm+Travl smart Apple Watch dock hits Kickstarter with power bank, HomeKit support, and more

A new product from padawanlab is hitting Kickstarter today, and it’s a beautiful piece of hardware. Totm+Travl offers a new take on Apple Watch docks, a smart dock with a clean, minimal wooden design with lots of functionality.

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As the name suggests, the oak constructed Totm+Travl features two components that give users flexibility for how they use it. Totm is the top portion of the dock that hides the Apple Watch charging cable and can be used on its own. However, the dock offers most of its slick functionality when Totm sits securely on top of Travl.

The Travl portion is a smart power bank that includes Bluetooth along with IFTTT and HomeKit support (depending on funding via Homebridge plugin or native). Using Totm+Travl together, you can set up automations to be triggered when it is placed on the charger, when it becomes 100% charged, and when you take it off the charger.

Travl’s built-in battery will offer up to one week of charging for Apple Watch, and includes the ability to notify you when it has a low battery and needs to be charged (via included USB-C cable).

Travl is managed via an iOS companion app that also includes calendar integration for smart notifications like charging up your Travl before an upcoming trip.

padawanlab is shooting for a March 2018 delivery of Totm+Travl Kickstarter rewards, while just Totm should be ready for December delivery. Check out the Kickstarter campaign here. As always, it’s good to manage your expectations with Kickstarter and expected ship dates.

We’ll be reviewing Totm+Travl as soon as we can get our hands on this new smart dock.

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