Apple Adds New Flyover Locations Around the World to Maps

Apple today added 20 new Flyover locations to Apple Maps on Mac and iOS, highlighting new cities and landmarks in the United States, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Spain, France, Mexico, Sweden, Puerto Rico, and Japan. With the new additions, there are now more than 150 Flyover locations available in Apple Maps.

For those unfamiliar with the Flyover feature in Maps, it lets users see photo-realistic 3D videos of select areas, which they can zoom, pan, and rotate through to get a close up look at notable landmarks and points of interest. Some of the locations below were previously available as Flyover destinations, but have just been officially added to Apple’s list of Flyover locations.

hungaryflyovertourBudapest, Hungary
Here’s a full list of the new Flyover destinations:

– Graz, Austria
– Aarhus, Denmark
– Rotterdam, Netherlands
– Bobbio, Italy
– Turin, Italy
– Budapest, Hungary
– Cádiz, Spain
– Chenonxeaux, France
– Dijon, France
– Millau, France
– Nice, France
– Strasbourg, France
– Omaha Beach
– Ensenada, Mexico
– Loreto, Mexico
– Gothenburg, Sweden
– Malmö, Sweden
– Mayagüez, Puerto Rico
– Sapporo, Japan
– Rapid City, SD

Flyover was first introduced alongside iOS 6 in 2012, and over the course of the last three years, Apple has been steadily adding new Flyover locations to the Maps app. As of February, some Flyover locations have been updated with real-time animated landmarks, making the Flyover experience more immersive, and many Flyover locations have an additional City Tour feature that walks users through different landmarks.