August unveils a new Smart Lock with HomeKit integration priced at $229

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  • October 14, 2015
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August 2015 smart devices

Last year, August launched a Smart Lock that got quite a bit of praise for its functionality. It was also one of the first devices with after-the-fact HomeKit integration to start shipping.

Now the company is back with an all-new Smart Lock with HomeKit integration right out of the box, along with two other accessories that work with the Smart Lock. With the new lock and its integration, owners can now use their voice to unlock or lock the door, and can even check up on the status of the lock whenever they want. The Smart Lock itself is changed, too, featuring a magnetic faceplate that should improve the grip of the lock, as well as the overall rotation.

One of the new additions to the Smart family from August is a new Smart Keypad. With the keypad, owners can simply tap in their predetermined code and access their home without their smartphone present. A handy option for someone that might forget their phone inside. There are also one-time generated codes that can be used for family and friends if the need arises.

And finally, there’s a new Doorbell Cam which works exactly as it sounds. It features a 140-degree HD video camera, and allows owners to talk to the person on the other side of the door no matter where they might be in the house at the time. There’s even motion detection capabilities with the camera, which will activate it even if the doorbell isn’t touched. The August iOS app will allow owners to see a live stream through the camera as well.

The Smart Lock from August retails for $229, and it’s available to pre-order right now. Meanwhile, the Doorbell cam is priced at $199, and the Smart Keypad will retail for $79.

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