Heres How To Try The Apple Watch Right Now

If you’ve been waiting for the Apple Watch to release, you’re going to keep waiting till the end of March. However, if you want to try out the Watch OS on the Watch, then you can get a feel of it thanks to an interactive demo. The Apple Watch Demo was made by the developers of the Pipes iOS news reader app.

Apple Watch Demo

Using this interactive demo, you can get an idea of the interface and how apps will work on the Apple Watch. The Watch OS is an all new operating system that’s purpose built. Instead of a Home button, there’s the Digital Crown, which lets you go back, zoom in/out and cycle through the apps.

You cannot experience all the features in this demo though. Most of the apps in this demo will only launch and show you a static image. Whereas, system apps such as Settings, Phone, Music, Videos and the developers Pipe app, will show you more. You can also try out the Glance feature and see how Push Notifications work.

This demo is a good way of learning how apps work on the small 1.5-inch display of the Apple Watch. Go check out the Apple Watch Demo now.