Latest Transcend SSDs for DIY Mac upgrades support high-speed PCIe 3.0

  • joko
  • August 28, 2017
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Transcend, which has long offered Mac owners the chance to upgrade their SSDs to higher-capacity ones, has announced a new range of drives that support PCIe Gen 3.0. These cards, which use the latest 3D NAND flash chips, offer read/write speeds of up to 950MB/s.

The new JetDrive 820 drives are available in capacities of up to 960GB, and are compatible with a wide range of Macs …

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Transcend’s JetDrive 820 utilizes the PCIe Gen 3 x2 interface to deliver incredible read and write speeds of up to 950MB/s. Fully tested for compatibility with PCIe-based Mac computers, the JetDrive 820 is the native PCIe SSD upgrade that Mac enthusiasts have been waiting for. With capacities ranging up to 960GB, the JetDrive 820 is ideal for maximizing storage capacity in a wide range of Mac computers.

The drives come with a five-year warranty, and Seth reports that the older model he fitted to his MacBook Air back in 2014 is still going strong.

The JetDrive 820 is compatible with the following Macs:

  • MacBook Air (11- and 13-inch): Mid 2013-2017 (6,1 / 6,2 / 7,1 / 7,2)
  • MacBook Pro with Retina Display (13- and 15-inch): Late 2013 – Mid 2015 (11,1 / 11,2 / 11,3 / 11,4 / 11,5 / 12,1)
  • Mac mini: Late 2014 (7,1)
  • Mac Pro: Late 2013 (6,1)

The SSD card is a straight swap for the original, and the drives come with all the tools needed for MacBooks (additional screwdrivers are needed for the Mac mini and Mac Pro).

Available capacities will be 240GB, 480GB, and 960GB. The company hasn’t yet released pricing or availability information. The company also offers a range of SSDs for older Macs and other laptops.