See the New iPhone Being Put to the Test

Amid all the rumors and new photos of the upcoming iPhone 6S, one question has remained on many people’s minds: will it bend like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus did? It’s hard to predict, considering all the leaked images and videos haven’t been confirmed by Apple. However, in a new video by Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy, he tests out the new iPhone 6S shell in a bend test.

Before applying pressure to the phone, Hilsenteger figures out the elemental makeup of the new shell, finding that it contains more zinc and is most likely made out of Apple’s 7000 Series aluminum. Essentially, the new shell is stronger and less likely to bend, though it will most likely cause higher production costs. Then, Hilsenteger uses a machine to apply pressure to the iPhone 6 and finds that it bends at a mere 30 pounds. However, when it came to the 6S, it didn’t bend until it reached 80 pounds of pressure. While we still definitely have to wait until the phone actually arrives to see if the new phone will not suffer through another bendgate, this definitely gives us hope.

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Image Source: YouTube user Unbox Therapy